LU play is on its way out - Welcome to Studio!

The video platform LUplay (Kaltura) will be closed down permanently on May 31 (except at the Faculty of Law). All material left on LUplay after May 31 will be erased. LUplay is replaced by Studio. Studio is already widely used at LU, and fully integrated in Canvas LMS. Studio is available for everyone at LU, even if you do not use Canvas as an LMS.

Move your videos!

If you have videos at LUplay, you need to move them to Studio! You can find clear instructions in the following guides Download video from LUplay and Upload video to Studio.

Read more about Studio at Teaching and Learning online

Where can I find Studio?

Log in at with your Lucat. You’ll see the Studio icon in the navigation menu to the left. Studio is an easy-to-use video platform allowing you to create, manage, and share video and audio files directly in Canvas. You can also upload, share, or embed video and audio in other LMSes, on web pages, or in blogs.


The huge advantage with Studio is the accessibility aspect; Studio has an automatic captioning function that works fine and creates subtitles that are 85% correct.

Support, guidance, and workshops

If you have questions or need help, please, contact us via LU Servicedesk or LU Digital.  

Tel. 046-222 90 00